57 – Let’s Get Wasted!

Don’t worry… This isn’t a dream… Two episodes of Thinking Outside the Pod in one week! For this special episode, Jimmy sat down with Steve Kasan, part of the team entered in the 2015 CineCoup Film Accelerator Challenge. Their project is a stoner-geek-zombie-action-comedy-horror film entitled Wasted. Steve Kasan discusses the inspiration and concepts behind the film as well as what they need to do to complete CineCoup’s challenge.

24 – Touchdown, Atlanta

In this week’s episode, the guys discuss the Ebola virus and how it most likely will bring about the zombie apocalypse. They also discuss another phenomenon, Fantasy Football, and how it’s turning jocks into nerds. Also, in this episode: Patrick rails against Donald Trump, Fisher contemplates self-replicating technology, and Jimmy makes a plea for his own island.