157 – Have Food Will Travel

In this week’s episode, Jimmy, Jason, and Jessica sit down and have a conversation. First, they discuss their opinion on traveling and share some of their past journeys. Next, they discuss some of the weirder food products that they have come across. Lastly, they try some miracle fruit tablets and drink vinegar.

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98 – Wait and See

The first episode of 2016! Fish and Jimmy sit down and discuss the new year. First, Jimmy discusses some of his 2016 new year resolutions like trying to avoid soda and his goal to watch 366 movies in the year. Fish describes his views on resolutions and why he finds them unnecessary. Next, they discuss some of the things they expect for 2016 ranging from the upcoming presidential election, movies and television shows, and technology. Also in true totpod fashion, tangents occur frequently including discussion about mathematics, linguistics, quantum physics, and so much more.