127 – #DCURewrite

Listen up Warner Bros, y’all really screwed the pooch this time, you’ve let us down for the last time. You had your chance and you blew it. Now, two guys with a mostly unknown and frankly mediocre podcast in San Antonio are going to have take the reins and do the DC cinematic universe some “justice” (Pun extremely intended and also a hint to some of the humor we intend to include in our rewrite). So sit back and listen up, ya bozos, to this episode where we tear you down and explain why this reboot is warranted. Spoiler alert: BvS and Suicide Squad.

82 – Street Pueblo

This week Jimmy, Fisher, and Jason discuss the most recent and most important news of the last week. This episode revolves mostly on Conventions, Movies and Video games. We discuss the Alamo City Comic Con and our convention history and learn that Jimmy is the hipster of the group. We discuss M. Night Shyamalan’s possible comeback, Sylvester Stallone’s career, the announcement of a Road House reboot starring Ronda Rousey and try to make sense of the film industry’s obsession with remakes. We also discuss Nintendo’s newest foray into augmented reality, Pokemon Go, and envision the possibilities of AR/VR technology.