30 – Nerds Eye View 2

This week we have another installment of the totpod companion series: Nerd’s Eye View! Fisher and Jimmy discuss what is on their minds and no surprise – it only takes them a few minutes before they started up with the nerd talk. They discuss Apple’s newest iPhone and Smart Watch, Bungie’s newest game: Destiny, and many other other things like Minecraft, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, LAN Parties, and so much more.

29 – Dungeons and Defenses

Summer is coming to an end and the cold and wet of fall is quickly approaching. In honor of this glorious time of the year, the guys (minus Fisher) talk about some of their favorites things to do in the summer like tubing, drinking, fishing, and in Jimmy’s case – waiting for winter. In addition to the colder temps, fall also brings about the start of the football season. Patrick and Jimmy discuss our Fantasy Football past successes/failures as well as our hopes and dreams for the current season. We also go in depth about the similarities and differences between Dungeons and Dragons and Fantasy Football. Also in this episode, Jimmy and Patrick debate about who plays Pokemon the correct way, Jimmy sums up all opposing views with one word, and Patrick creates some new social media platforms.