152 – Planet Hollywood

This week Jimmy, Jason, Jessica, and David get together to discuss the recent happenings. We first discuss the Oscars and the various ups and downs of the ceremony, including the Best Picture mix-up, Nicole Kidman clapping, The In Memoriam picture mistake, among others. This leads up to a discussion about Bill Paxton and the movies we remember him from. Lastly, we discuss the SpaceX 2018 Moon Flight and the discovery of the Trappist planets. Tangents Include:  Millennial Education, Male Anatomy Movies, Celebrity Crushes, and so much more!

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84 – Life on Mars!

In honor of the rare super-massive blood moon lunar eclipse, Jimmy and Jason take their discussions off-planet. First, they discuss NASA’s upcoming Mars announcement and speculate what it could be. Next, they discuss the movie “The Martian” starring Matt Damon and talk about some other movies based on books and some of our opinions on movie theater etiquette. Then we discussed the possibility of a Men in Black 4 without Will Smith and contemplate a Bad Boys/Men in Black crossover movie. Lastly, they discuss the out-of-this-world crazy idea of remaking Ace Ventura without Jim Carrey and we share some of our favorite Jim Carrey movies.