148 – Sex Education and Smoothies

For the second time in totpod history, we venture out into to the public to record an episode. This week, Snopioca, an awesome shaved ice, milk tea, and smoothie place in San Antonio, allowed us to record at their Babcock location. So we immediately begin to discuss the ins-and-outs of sex education. Other topics include Television, Sports, Decapitation, Star Wars, John Hurt, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and everything in between.

Special thanks to Snopioca for letting us record, if you’re in the area definitely check them out.

6423 Babcock Rd #104,
San Antonio, TX 78249

Jimmy: @TheJimmyHughes
Jason: @Jace_Pv @Jayvulkan (IG)
Jessica: @Jesswiththedogs (IG) – Blog
David: @TravelRedClass Youtube
Totpod: @totpod

92 – A Force to be Reckoned With

In this week’s episode, Fisher and Jimmy discuss the news they deem worthy. This week’s topics: Star Wars, MTV’s upcoming “Shannara Chronicles” series, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, Amiibo’s anniversary, Blizzard’s Overwatch, the new change to Steam sales, and so much more. Also in the episode, Fisher finds out he is practically perfect in every way and Jimmy finally makes the pun that breaks the camel’s back. Check it out!