149 – Remember the Falcons

This week, Jimmy, Jason, and Jessica get together to get a few things off their minds. Topics include: Dogs, Munchkins, Music, Dungeons and Dragons, Laziness, Hygiene, the Superbowl, Politics, Jimmy’s failed romances, Our childhood, VHS tapes,┬áThe Mandela Effect, Movies, Cartoons, Doctor Who, Pacific Rim, Beauty and the Beast,┬áRick and Morty, and so much more. Lastly, Jessica has embarked on a new project to raise money for therapy animals!

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131 – God’s Stolen Thunder (D&D)

I know we said we were gonna take a break from special episodes but hey we’re rebels and also we procrastinated and didn’t look up any stories before recording. So here we go again a special episode. We here at totpod have been on a Dungeons and Dragons kick recently, so we decided to record a session and see how it goes. Let us know on our social media sites if this is something you might us to continue.