75 – We Killed WALL-E!

In this week’s episode, the guys along with special guest Jason discuss some of the recent stories like the possibility of a Lebron James-helmed Space Jam 2, the future of film, E-sport drug testing, Earth 2.0, Spider-man finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so much more. Also in the episode, Jimmy reveals his true feelings for Michael Jordan, Fisher vents his anger concerning mainstream media ignoring the gaming industry, and Jason admits to seeing the midnight release of the live action Dragon Ball movie.

66 – Crack and Rum

Jimmy and Fisher discuss some of the random news stories that they found this week – Starting of with some nice lofty North Korean goals, a dash of Apple bashing, A sprinkling of Facebook news, a couple of movie announcements, some Nintendo missteps, all over an update on the saga of Fisher’s Computer Build. A positively delightful and delectable new episode of Thinking Outside The Pod!