134 – N.A.D.P.L.A.

As our listeners know, Totpod is like fine jazz; improvisation and free association is our bread and butter There are times we have plans for the episodes but most of the time it’s free form.

You may ask if it’s possible to get from Star Wars to Dog/Puppy love in less than an hour. Well, we did it. So sit back and let Totpod take you on relaxing journey through such topics as: Donald Glover’s recent Star Wars casting, Will Smith’s career, AT&T buying Time Warner, San Antonio, Vloggers on Youtube, Ellen Degeneres, Helen Keller, Politics, Selfies, Vegetables, NAMBLA, Candy, and everything in between.

Drink Lipton!

Jimmy: @thejimmyhughes
Jason: @Jace_PV
Jessica: https://toretainmore.wordpress.com/

85 – Be a Better Person

Fisher is back from his victorious presidential campaign and ready to head back into the fray. He and Jimmy discuss last week’s biggest news stories including: NASA’s recent Mars flowing water announcement, Hasbro’s announcement of four more Michael Bay Transformers movies over the next decade, and the upcoming people-ranking app Peeple. Also in the episode, the guys discuss the Moon landing, video essays, South Park, Broadway plays, Community, social media, and so much more.