130 – Whoa… Too Soon!

Finally back with a normal episode, special episodes are nice and all, but we’ve been out of the news cycle for too long – playing games instead of discussing the currents trends and stories.

So get ready for a fairly deep and heavy conversation.

This week’s topics: The 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, The passing of Gene Wilder, some reasoning and rules for remakes and reboots, and lastly we discuss some of the recent fails coming out of the mobile phone industry.

57 – Let’s Get Wasted!

Don’t worry… This isn’t a dream… Two episodes of Thinking Outside the Pod in one week! For this special episode, Jimmy sat down with Steve Kasan, part of the team entered in the 2015 CineCoup Film Accelerator Challenge. Their project is a stoner-geek-zombie-action-comedy-horror film entitled Wasted. Steve Kasan discusses the inspiration and concepts behind the film as well as what they need to do to complete CineCoup’s challenge.