33 – Fishermen

Oh man, hopefully we’re not spoiling you… Another special episode. Oh well, nothing is too good for our listeners. This week we sat down with the band Fishermen. An awesome local band with a great yet oddly hard-to-describe sound – Fishermen is the very definition of alternative rock: they are gritty, elegant, catchy, refreshing, soulful, driving, smart, bluesy, energetic, classic, and upbeat – all at the same time. We discuss how they got started, their sound, their influences, and some of their more memorable experiences on stage. Fishermen consists of  Edwin J. Stephens, Roy Scavone, Omar Rosel, Eli Medina, and Jeremy Dowd. Bear with us – audio on this one gets rough at points.

20 – Opening Your Musical Minds

In this week’s episode, we discuss some of the music in our lives – the bands we like and also the bands we can’t stand. We also delve into our musical past – Patrick’s long and storied musical journey, Foster’s legendary semester of choir, and Jimmy’s short-lived but revolutionary jam band.